Economic Development & City Committees

EDC Sign Advertising Joint Development


2017 Board of Directors:

President – Bill Roberts

Sec./Treas. – Chuck McDermott

Directors – Ted Jones, Chuck McDermott, Julie Evans, Ed Espinoza and Paul Lauder.

Citizens who wish to help with our mission and serve on the EDC board .
Please Contact Bill Roberts, East Tawakoni City Hall 903-447-2444


The Adjustment board is an administrative agency for hearing and deciding zoning appeals. It is created for the purpose of adjusting differences that may from time to time arise between the Commissioner of Public Utilities, Grounds and Buildings, or other officials charged with duties under the zoning ordinance, and citizens or property owners, or those desiring to use property and premises for certain purposes. It is also referred as board of adjustment or board of zoning appeals. This board has 5 members. If you have questions please contact City Hall.


A board of officials having supervisory powers who divide an area into zones that is subject to different restrictions. The board has 5 members. If you have questions please contact City Hall.


An official organization in a city or area that encourages tourists to visit. This board has 5 members. if you have questions please contact City Hall.

These are appointed positions. If you are a citizen of East Tawakoni and interested in serving on any one of these boards please contact the Mayor.