Welcome to East Tawakoni!

Thank you for considering East Tawakoni as your new home. East Tawakoni’s accomplishments have always been driven by the people who call it home. The passion East Tawakoni residents share is for its betterment and ultimate success. The City’s progressive vision is one that is cultivated by its civic and community leaders and by its everyday citizens. I am truly proud of the quality of East Tawakoni. With a crime rate significantly lower than both the local & state, East Tawakoni is considerably safer and more affordable for its residents than other local communities.

This city has an abundance of heart and passion. With affection and commitment to the city I call home, our citizens, and community leaders are a part of a diverse kind of citizens that are working to build our bedroom community into your small hometown of country living with city conveniences.

Enjoy Peaceful EastTawkoni.  


Holly Calhoun, Mayor of East Tawakoni

Come for a day - Stay for a lifetime.

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